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Professional Roofers for Torch-on Roofing in Calgary and across Alberta

Flat Roofing Ltd has the expertise and skills to ensure your roof is well-maintained, with a torch-on roofing process to keep the water out of your roof. If you have a flat roof or a dead spot adjoining a sloped roof and need expert advice on roof repair with torch-on roofing, contact us today. We specialize in torch-on roofing and provide best-in-class torch-on roofing services in Calgary and throughout Alberta.

What Is Torch-on Roofing?

Torch-on roofing is a special process that helps in ensuring the best seal and waterproof finish in flat roofs and low-sloped roofs. This process makes use of an open-flame propane torch to seal your roof against the elements. The process uses an asphalt compound called bitumen as roofing material to seal the roof. The bitumen is modified by adding rubber or plastic to increase its strength and hence is often referred to as modified bitumen. The rubber in bitumen enables it to expand and contract without causing cracks on melting.

To make the material effective, it is heated to the point that it melts. The melted material offers high tolerance to heat, cold, and moisture. Torch-on roofing is a time-tested method to make your roof water and weather resistant. We also offer two-layer roofing and three-layer roofing for extra protection.


As flat roofs are likely to hold water from rain and snow for a longer period of time than sloped roofs, there are chances of damage. In such cases, torch-on roofing offers the protection your roof needs.

worker applying waterproofing coating over roof using torch

Components of Torch-on Roofing Systems

Insulation: The torch-on roofing utilizes an insulation material to help a flat or low-slope roof retain heat in the building/structure. It is the first thing to be applied either mechanically with screws and plates or using a hot mop. The process of attaching insulation depends on the deck type.


Vapour barrier: After insulation, the next thing to be applied is the vapour barrier. This barrier helps in keeping a check on the condensation and moisture problems.


Overlay board: To support the torch-on membrane, an overlay board is used. This board helps in preventing water pooling on the roof.


Base sheet: The first layer of modified bitumen which is applied is known as the base sheet. Your roofing expert may use direct heat fusing, hot mopping or adhesive to secure the sheet.


Cap sheet: A smooth cap sheet is applied as the top sheet of the torch-on roofing. The cap is rolled out and is heated at the bottom using a torch so that it adheres to the top of the base sheet. The two layers are attached to form a seal. In the three-layer system, the third layer with granules is applied in the same way.


Flashing for penetrations: The typically used material for flashings is a self-adhering modified bitumen membrane. Metal flashing is also used above the modified bitumen flashings.

Benefits of Torch-on Roofing

The torch-on roofing system is ideal both for businesses and for homes. It is a very popular flat-roof system in the commercial and residential sectors. The torch-on roofing process is completed by the application of a smooth cap sheet. This cap sheet has multiple benefits, such as increasing the energy efficiency of the building, offering resistance against ultraviolet rays, keeping the building cool, and increasing the life expectancy of your roof.


Besides making your roof waterproof, torch-on roofing provides protection across all seasons. We recommend torch-on roofing systems for flat roofing systems also including slightly pitched roofs, between ¼: 12 to 1: 12 pitch, because the number one enemy of a flat roof is pooling water. Torch-on roofing stands out because it has many important benefits other than energy efficiency, such as:

  • Water resistance

    Torch-on roofing has excellent water-resistant properties. Alberta’s climate with frequent snow is a challenge for flat roofs because snow stays on the roof until it melts. Water-resistant torch-on roofing is an excellent choice in snowy environments because there are no leaks at the seams.

  • Durability

    A torch-on roofing system offers good durability, as it has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. With proper maintenance from time to time, it can even last for a longer period.

  • Ease of installation

    An experienced specialist armed with a torch can quickly and efficiently install this type of roofing system.

  • Flexibility

    Torch-on roofing is designed for all climates. The modified bitumen membrane expands under heat and contracts under cold conditions without suffering structural damage as other materials might. This is the reason for their durability.


Torch-on Roofing Repair

Another benefit of torch-on roofing is that it is easy to repair. Flat Roofing Ltd is fully qualified to perform professional torch-on roofing repairs for commercial and residential properties in Calgary and Alberta. If the roofing needs repairs, the process is relatively simple. Patches of modified bitumen membrane are added to the rip, gap, or broken seam, and a torch is used for repair, as in the installation process.


Our specialized team offers professional torch-on roofing repairs and provides you with roofing solutions that fit your budget without compromising on quality. Contact us today to schedule repairs for your torch-on roofing system.

Brands We Use

Flat Roofing Ltd trusts only the best to offer you top-quality products and services. We are associated with trustworthy and reputed names for quality torch-on roofing systems. The brands that we use are:

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No More Moisture

Torch-on roofing helps in protecting the interiors of your house from any kind of leakage with excellent waterproofing.

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