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Your Trusted Sloped Roof Installers in Foothills

The roof of your house acts as an essential defence system to protect it from external elements like weather and insects. From providing protection against rain, hail, snow and debris to safeguarding your home from insects, the roof of your house plays a vital role. In extreme weather conditions in areas such as Foothills, a good quality sloped roof is a necessity for residential properties. Sloped roofs allow water runoff thereby preventing any water accumulation on the roof that might lead to leakage. Flat Roofing Ltd is the trusted sloped roof installer in Alberta. If you want to fit your home with a secure roof to guarantee security, we are here to help you.


Poorly installed roofs make way for water seepage resulting in leaks and storm damage. Hiring an experienced roofer is vital to ensure that your home stays safe no matter the weather. Flat Roofing Ltd comes to your site, for roof installation and repair, with over a decade of experience and skilled workmen.

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Installations and Repairs

You need a tough roof to survive the strong winds and hail of Alberta. At Flat Roofing Ltd, we have installed enough sloped roofs in the last ten years to recommend the roof material according to your needs.

Apart from enhancing the security levels, a new roof also enhances the visual appeal and energy efficiency of your residential property. We offer a wide range of materials for sloped roofs, including tar and gravel, EPDM and PVC. We also roof with a wide range of weatherproof or waterproof membranes. When you hire us for a new sloped roof installation, we visit your location to thoroughly assess your property and determine the best roof for your situation.


Flat Roofing Ltd also offers repairs and maintenance of sloped roofs in Alberta and British Columbia. We are determined to help you no matter what. We are available throughout the week to take care of any roof repairs or emergencies. All you need to do is call our office for an appointment and we will be on your site in no time. Whether you need a new roof installed or want a quick fix for your roof, we’re happy to do it all.

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Water-tight Sloped Roofs

We can make your sloped roof leakage-free with excellent roofing techniques such as EPDM and torch-on roofing.

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