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repairing leaks on flat roof

If you're the owner of a commercial property or are responsible for looking after one then you'll already be aware that one of the most important parts of maintenance is checking the roof on a regular basis. When damage to your roof goes unnoticed for too long it can end up having consequences.

For this reason you need to have your roof inspected regularly and you should be informed about the issues that can cause leaks and roof damage in the first place. Flat roofs can be prone to many problems. Read on to learn what to look out for if you've got a flat roof and the ins and outs of flat roof repair.


You'll notice that—especially in places with a lot of precipitation—many buildings have roofs that are sloped or slanted. This is with good reason. Slanted roofs are designed so that when rain or snow or sleet does fall on them it will slide off rather than pooling. Although flat roofs are, obviously, flat, most are designed with a very slight slant or slope for the same reason. All roofs need some form of drainage system in place. When these systems aren't in place, leaks and other damage can occur. Some of the main causes of leaks on flat roofs include:

Ponding Water

Ponding water is one such scenario that happens when a roof has insufficient drainage. It's a build-up of water that sits on the roof and can eventually seep through if the problem isn't dealt with. Ponding is likely to form around large equipment like water tanks or air conditioners. It can also happen if there's a depression on the roof.

Climactic Causes

Because they're so exposed, roofs are designed to bear the brunt of the elements. But even though this is the case, over time they can become worn down and less effective at staving off the effects of UV rays, snow, wind and rain. Because the weather can be extreme in Calgary, you will want to check your flat roof more often especially after storms.

Clogged Drains

One simple yet common cause of leaks on flat roofs again goes back to the drainage system. When your drains or gutters become clogged, rain on the roof will have nowhere to go. Over time this can cause leaks to find their way through the roof. You should make sure to check your gutters and drains often. This is especially important if your building is near trees with shedding leaves.


Most of the above issues can be prevented by making sure to regularly check your roof. If you do see these issues beginning to happen, you should get in touch with a company that specializes in flat roofs and can resolve your issue quickly. At Flat Roofing Ltd., we've got years of experience serving Calgary and surrounding areas with repairs and restorations for all flat roof leaks and issues. We have flat roofing solutions for every situation, including liquid applied roofing, torch-on roofing, PVC roofing and more. Contact us today to book an inspection or schedule roof repair services.


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