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Flat Roofing Ltd is a licensed and insured roofing company serving Calgary, Alberta and surrounding areas. We are committed to providing high-quality, affordable flat roofing solutions according to your needs and budget. Set your mind at ease with our BBB accreditation, WCB coverage, and ACA certification. These are attributed to safe, honest workmanship while providing you with the best possible roofing service. Roof inspections, rotting issues and troubleshooting leaks or condensation build-up are common enquiries we get at Flat Roofing Ltd. With decades of experience working with flat roofs, sloped roofs and cedar shakes, from single-level buildings to high-rise condos, our team is committed to ensuring your roof's insulation, structure, water overflow and waterproofing. If you have a problem with your roof, we have a solution. Contact us today and schedule a free assessment.


A roof is essential to protecting your home or building from rain, wind, snow, heat, and other environmental threats. A properly installed, high-quality flat roof will keep your investment safe for years to come. With decades of experience, our roofers are skilled at locating deficiencies and waterproofing your roof so that it gives you the best possible protection in all seasons. Flat roofing services include two-ply torch-on membrane installation. It is a popular option in the Alberta climate for a water-tight and long-lasting roofing system; however, we are available to service repairs and re-roof all types of flat roofs including Liquid applied roofing, BUR tar and gravel, TPO, PVC, EPDM and more.

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Why Choose Flat Roofing Ltd?

The roofers at Flat Roofing Ltd are committed to excellent workmanship and superior customer care. Understanding the importance of a good roof over your home, apartment building or commercial facility, we ensure that your flat roof is always well-maintained. We provide regular training to our roofers so that they stay up-to-date with all the latest advancements in the industry. Our roof assessments help our team to inspect your property and suggest the right roofing option according to your needs. Along with flat roofing services, we offer solutions to support the well-being of your roof, including; gutter repairs, fascia replacements, rebuilding structural damage, water run-off and more. Our roofers can fix any roofing problem! We are fully trained in servicing flat to adjoining sloped roofs as well as cedar shakes. We have earned a stellar reputation in the industry with the help of our professional staff and high-quality installations. Contact our roofing company today to book a consultation in Calgary and the surrounding area.

Our Roofing Services

For decades we have provided exceptional roofing service to our residential and commercial clients, including property management companies. Through tenured experience, we believe in finding the root of the problem and offering a complete solution to repairing, patching, or re-roofing your home or building to ensure maximum dependency. All roofing repair services come with a minimum 5-year workmanship warranty.


  • Flat Roofing
    Our team of expert roofers can assist you with all your flat roofing inspections, repairs, leaks and re-roofing needs. Torch on roofing and SIKA liquid applied roofing offer a great solution to tackle the waterproofing requirements for your roof – ask us for more information.

    We are available 24/7 for any flat roofing emergencies.  

  • Types of Flat Roofing
    We offer a wide range of flat roof solutions including Torch-on roofing, SIKA liquid applied roofing, leaks and repairs for BUR (built-up roof systems) or tar-and-gravel roofs, PVC roofs, and EPDM.

  • Sloped Roofing
    At Flat Roofing Ltd, we have the expertise to work on sloped roofs with tie-ins to flat roofs. We often see “dead spots” in roofs that will collect water and cause rotting over time that start to leak. Have this inspected right away to ensure minimal repairs or damage to the roof, and structure. From repairs to maintenance, we ensure that your commercial or residential roof offers the right protection for your building.

  • Cedar Shake Shingles
    Cedar Shakes provide a durable roof option and luxurious curb appeal. Keep your cedar shakes regularly maintained to provide a long-lasting roofing option with minimal issues. Cedar Shakes can be replaced in sections if required which is a cost-effective option for maintenance and prolonging the life of your wood roof. Warranty is included with all repairs and maintenance. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.


Flat Roofing Ltd is always welcoming new clients. In the past, we've serviced commercial and residential clients by providing quality roofing solutions that add value, functionality and durability to their properties. When you choose our roofing company in Calgary, we prioritize your convenience. On top of providing you with high-quality solutions, we offer excellent customer care with warranties, transparency and quick response times.


We always keep track of the latest developments in the industry to offer state-of-the-art roofing solutions that enhance your curb appeal and last you years. Please contact us if you'd like to learn more about our roofing services or want a quote.

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Expert Roofers

We are trained in the installation and repair of all types of roofing systems.

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