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Waterproof Your Roof With Liquid-Applied Roofing in Calgary

If your commercial or residential flat roof is susceptible to water pooling and seepage, consider adding a layer of liquid-applied membrane to make it waterproof! Flat Roofing Ltd specializes in repairing, replacing and installing reliable flat roofing systems for commercial high-rises, condos and apartment buildings in and around Calgary. 


Suppose the balconies of your house are overexposed to water, or perhaps the HVAC units or protruding pipes on your commercial roof are causing leaks or damage. In that case, liquid-applied roofing is the perfect solution for waterproofing your roof and repairing roof leaks. Our experienced and knowledgeable team uses SIKA Liquid Applied Membrane, which, once applied to your roofing material, creates a waterproof bond and makes it inseparable from the material to which it is applied. It can also prevent exterior water damage.


Contact us to book a free assessment and speak with our staff about roof and balcony leak repairs in Calgary.


A liquid-applied membrane roof, commonly known as LAM, is a monolithic, fully-bonded, liquid-based coating for waterproofing roofs. The process involves curing the coating to form a rubber-like waterproof membrane. This waterproof membrane is applied over the roofing material to prevent seepage. The fluid nature of the coating allows it to form a seamless waterproofing membrane without any cracks, gaps or voids, making it an excellent choice for residential and industrial applications.


Sika offers a 20-year warranty on both materials and installation and workmanship for repaired areas

No open flame, no risk of fire

Bird resistant as there are no granules for birds to pick up

Prevents dust and debris on balconies

No need for cranes for installation, and no road closures for loading and offloading makes the product cost-effective

No parking lot disruptions. Sika can be transported through service elevators (you may not even know we are there)

Made for the Alberta climate

No need to tear off the existing roof and carry it away means no risk of damage or pedestrian injury

No loud noise or vibrations from heavy equipment

Our roofing technicians are licensed and trained by the manufacturer to use Sika liquid-applied membranes for the following purposes:

  • Roof repairs

  • Leaks and cracks

  • Balcony leak repairs

  • Emergency roof repairs

  • Prevent exterior water damage


It can be used on a variety of roofing materials and substrates like concrete, metal, copper, wood, brick, stones and tiles and over hard-to-reach places. Give us a call if you have any questions or concerns regarding liquid-applied roofing in Calgary.


There are several advantages to choosing liquid-applied membranes as a roofing solution. Some of the main reasons include:

  • Versatile: Liquid-applied membranes offer great waterproofing as they can be applied over different roof structures and substrates to protect against leaks. The membrane offers incredible adhesion, temperature resistance and rapid curing in no time.

  • Safe to use and install: Another significant advantage of using this membrane is that it does not require heat, kettles, torches or open flames for installation.

  • Ease of application: Liquid membranes offer a flexible, easy application directly on your existing roof surface and different roofing materials.

  • Reasonable pricing: Rather than a full roof replacement, liquid roofing offers a cost-effective way to waterproof your roof, repair existing damage and extend its life.


Head to our blog to read about the benefits of using liquid-applied roofing membranes to repair balcony leaks and prevent exterior water damage on your property. Contact Flat Roofing Ltd to book your service right away!

Liquid-applied Roofing for Repairs

Liquid-applied roofing is ideal for repairs because liquid membranes cure quickly and are effective immediately. When you have a small area that requires repairs, our roofers can determine whether it will benefit from applying a liquid membrane. We apply the membrane over leaks, cracks and other roofing issues. Since the membrane dries and solidifies quickly, it is a reliable solution for roofing emergencies. lt can be great to use in areas that are hard to access and uneven.

Liquid membranes are also an excellent choice when you want to refurbish your roof. With these membranes, you don't have to tear down your old and aged roof. We can apply a membrane layer over your existing roof structure and extend its lifespan.


Flat Roofing Ltd has worked with condo and strata managers, property management companies and property managers across Calgary since our inception in 2010. We proudly offer a 20-year warranty on materials and workmanship in repaired areas. Contact us for your next commercial or residential roofing project.

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Most contractors use wood or concrete to construct balconies and waterproof them with a seal. However, seals can wear down over time due to the lack of any protection and result in rotting, damage to construction and leaks.

Liquid-applied roofing is a great solution to repair balcony leaks because of its easy application and flexibility for different surfaces. The membrane can be applied directly over the existing surface, and once solidified, uses a moisture-triggered curing system to waterproof your balcony.

Contact us today for liquid applied roofing services and balcony leak repair for your business or home in Calgary and the surrounding areas.

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Say No to Water Damage

Install liquid-applied membrane on your flat roof system and balcony leaks tomake it water-resistant.

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