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Leakage and roof damage due to water and other weather conditions are pretty common, especially when it comes to flat roofs. Depending on your roof's age, construction, dead spots and product durability, you may run into an issue if there isn't sufficient water runoff. Heavy snow or rain can also wreak havoc and lead to leaks due to water accumulation. If your high-rise, home, condo property or business in Calgary currently has a flat roof that requires inspection or repairs, please get in touch with our roofing experts.

Experienced Roofers for Flat Roofing Leaks & Repairs in Calgary


There are countless reasons for a flat roof to have leakage, such as ponding water, issues with the seal around a pipe or a vent, or clogged drains. The only way to know its cause is to schedule an inspection with our roofing contractors. We will carefully inspect your roof's structure to determine the best possible course of action.


At Flat Roofing Ltd we provide efficient, quality flat roof leak repairs for homes and businesses in Calgary and the surrounding area. We know that leaking roofs require urgent assessment and action once you see the signs of damage, and we offer industry-leading solutions to repair or replace your damaged flat roof including: 


We follow a straightforward approach for roof repairs involving:

  • Finding the leak: We try to find the leak by carefully checking the inside of your building and getting on the roof. We carefully inspect your flashings, membranes, vents, and protruding areas.
  • Drying the area: Before we begin any work, we clear the area of any debris and dry it. This step is essential to ensure no water penetrates your building while we undertake the repair and that the entire area is dried prior.
  • Identifying the damage: Often, the source of the leak is not the only aspect of your roof we have to take care of. We will either repair or replace any areas affected by moisture damage, such as membranes.
  • Patching the leak: We seal the leak with an effective material depending on the type of flat roof.  
  • Coating: While patching the leak is a short-term measure, we advise adding a protective layer. The protective layer is a synthetic material that will guard your roof against overexposure to elements. We offer numerous protective coatings including Sika liquid applied membrane for a versatile, waterproof protection.


We also offer waterproofing services for low-sloped and flat roofs. Waterproofing your roof will create a moisture barrier, and further protect your property from seepage. Our roofers will visit the site to assess the interior, attic and cavity for any vapour leakage and install a vapour barrier if required. We can also inspect your vapour barrier for any faults or leaks. You can trust our roofing experts to give you honest advice on all your roofing issues. We also offer no-obligation roof assessment.

Flat Roofing Repair Services

Your roof protects your home or building from the elements, and keeps warm air in during the winter and cool air in during the summer. If you take good care of your flat roof, it can last for several years without any problem. Similarly, if you suspect any issues, having your roof inspected right away is recommended to ensure up-to-date maintenance and avoid larger roof repair issues down the road. When taken care of, your roof can last many years; however, without proper maintenance, your roof may require repair or even a full roof replacement. Flat Roofing Ltd installs new roofs and repairs damaged roofs for homes and commercial buildings throughout Alberta.

Common Flat Roof Damages Requiring Repairs

Many commercial and residential buildings prefer flat roofs because of their durability and ease of installation. However, some common types of damage noticed in flat roofs that require repairs are:


Moisture and leaks: Moisture and leaks are some of the most common and recurring problems with flat roofs that require repair services. Flat roofs are prone to water pooling, and the infiltration of moisture in your building can cause damage to insulation, furniture and other belongings. The most efficient way to deal with roof leaks is to perform inspections, maintenance and repairs regularly.


Cracks in the roof: Flat roofs tend to get more pressure exerted on them than other roofs. This pressure can sometimes add up following warm temperatures and weather conditions. Once this happens, it can cause severe damage to your roof, and significant cracks and crevices may develop. This harms the structural integrity of your building. If you notice cracks in your flat roof, call the professionals at Flat Roofing Ltd for emergency repairs.


Roof alligatoring: Roof alligatoring is a phenomenon of changes occurring in a roof over time. Alligatoring in roofs is a strong indicator that your roof needs a replacement. This phenomenon usually occurs when your roof has lost its flexibility and elasticity. When your roof loses its elasticity, it develops cracks that look similar to an alligator’s skin.

Damaged flashing: The flashing on your roof can be damaged by storms and high winds or from expanding and contracting with changing temperatures. If the flashing protecting your roof’s edges and corners is damaged, your roof is more susceptible to wind damage and water and moisture getting underneath your roof membrane. 

worker doing roof repair work

Flat Roofing Ltd. provides flat roofing leak inspections and repairs in Calgary, backed by an exceptional warranty. Working in the Calgary community since 1992, if you have a problem with your roof, we have a solution.


We are always available to respond to your emergency flat roof repairs and keep a leak from becoming a disaster. You can put your mind at ease, our roofers are experts at finding and repairing leaks, keeping your home, condo property or business dry until a permanent solution can be implemented. If you suspect a leak in your flat roof, contact us for a free assessment.


Roof Leaks, repairs and re-roofs are also done with flat and sloped roof combos. We analyze the construction and structure of the roof paying attention to detail to ensure condensation can properly escape from the attic, pipes protruding through your roof are waterproof sealed and the water runoff is sufficient. Our BBB accreditation, WCB coverage, and ACA certification all speak for themselves.

Emergency Roof Repairs in Calgary

Has a storm damaged your flat roof and caused leaks? Our roofers are available 24/7 for emergency flat roofing repairs in Calgary and the surrounding area. Contact us for quick and efficient service to secure your roof and prevent further damage.

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Dealing With Flat Roof Leaks? 

We are available 24/7 to help you with any kind of roofing emergency.

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