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Top-quality Flat Roof Flashing in Foothills

Rainwater, snow and hail often cause leakage in the roofs leading to structural damage. The most common areas for roof leaks are intersections of your roof, valleys, gutter lines, and corners. A quick and easy solution to prevent water seepage in your roof is installing roof flashings. If you are looking for a roofing contractor to install top-quality flat roof flashings in Foothills or surrounding areas in Alberta, call Flat Roofing Ltd.

a view of store with metal roof and flashings

Importance of Roof Flashing

Roof flashings are used in flat roofs as well as sloped roofs around the edges and walls to help protect the roof from wind and insect damage. Flashings prevent water from collecting in one place and penetrating the seams in your roof. They also help in giving your residential roof a premium look and a finished look. A lot of people often ignore flashings but once you install them you will know how they add value and element to your roof. We offer roof flashings in a number of materials such as aluminum, tin, zinc alloy, galvanized steel and more. We recommend flashings depending on the material of your roof.

a view of industrial flat roof with installed flashings

Flashings for Flat Roofs

For flat roofs, we suggest edge flashing which is a two-piece system that helps prevent leaks. As flat roofs are prone to leakage due to water accumulation, flashing is an essential feature that you should consider. The metal flashing is installed around the edges of the roof after the roof has been properly installed. The flashing is added in such a way that it covers both the horizontal and vertical edges of the roof. This is done to prevent wind-driven rain from making its way underneath the roofing membrane. It also helps in preventing damage to the roof’s edge during high winds.


Once you have installed roof flashing on your flat roof there are fewer chances of water seeping into the roof. However, in certain cases rainwater can still make its way underneath the horizontal edge of the flashing. To mitigate this problem, we suggest you install a second layer of flashing that covers the horizontal seam between the metal flashing and the roof membrane. The adhesive rubber membrane in the second layer seals the flashing and the roofing material together to prevent any water from seeping under the metal flashing.

Benefits of Roof Flashings

Flashings that are designed for use around chimneys and stacks help to keep your roof from extensive water and wind damage. Flashings are more effective than sealants and help in making the roof watertight. Installing good quality flashings helps in creating a moisture barrier and makes the roof resistant to water damage. Moreover, unlike other sealants, flashings are resistant to thermal expansion.


Though flashings help in keeping your roof strong for years to come, they can get damaged in the process. The seams that affix your flashing to your roof may wear off over time and you may need flashing repair. Flat Roofing Ltd understands all roofing concerns and offers roof flashing repair services. If you have any queries regarding our roof flashing or any other services, feel free to reach out to us.

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