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Roofing Made Durable with EPDM Roof Repairs in Calgary

If you are weighing your options for strong commercial or residential roofing in Alberta, EPDM roofing is a great option that you should consider. Flat Roofing Ltd offers EPDM roofing for durable and long-lasting roofs.

EPDM has the longest average serviceable life amongst all other roofing systems for commercial facilities. This means that you have to spend less time worrying about the repair costs and maintenance of your roof. Whether you are constructing a new building or want to re-roof your existing property, Flat Roofing Ltd can take care of your roofing needs with EPDM roof repairs in Calgary.

Single-ply roofing EPDM has its own set of benefits and this helps to make it a superior choice for roofing in commercial and industrial settings. The main reason behind choosing EPDM as a roofing material is that it has a long lifespan. If you already know that EPDM is the right choice for you, contact us today for a quick installation.

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What is EPDM Roofing?

Ethylene propylene diene monomer or commonly known as EPDM is an ideal choice for single-ply membrane roofs. EPDM is a synthetic rubber material that is highly durable and can be used for both residential and commercial roofing.

An EPDM roof offers excellent protection through all the seasons, making it a great choice for home as well as commercial spaces. There are several other benefits of using an EPDM rubber roofs, such as:

  • Resist deterioration in extreme temperatures.
  • Keep your building cool due to its highly reflective surfaces.
  • Do not have unpleasant chemical-like odours and are recyclable.
  • EPDM rubber is light and resistant to scuffs and tears.
  • EPDM roofs are simple to patch and repair in case of damage.

EPDM roofs' properties and benefits make it a suitable option for flat roofs in Calgary. Contact us to learn more about rubber roofing solutions. 

EPDM Roof Repairs in Calgary

Roofs are an integral part of your residential and commercial buildings. EPDM or rubber roofs are one of the popular choices among homeowners and businesses in Calgary. The roofers at Flat Roofing Ltd. can inspect your EPDM roof membrane for leaks and water damage and apply repairs. We have the tools and expertise to restore your EPDM roof with the right modifications, materials and coatings.

EPDM roofs should be regularly inspected and maintained, especially after a major storm. If your rubber roof membrane is leaking or showing signs of water damage, contact us now for an inspection and repairs in Calgary. Some of the common signs of damage to look out for include:

  • When there are failures in your EPDM roof seams and joints.
  • Shrinkage in the rubber membrane.
  • Leaks coming from the roof.
  • Formation of water puddles on the roof surface.

Trust the Best

At Flat Roofing Ltd, we have worked hard over the years to establish ourselves as a reliable roofer in the Calgary area. We understand our job and possess the knowledge to help you choose the right option for your building. Not only are we committed to using the highest quality rubber roofing materials, but all of our technicians are licensed and insured. Our team is qualified to install your EPDM flat roofing system with the utmost expertise. Accredited to BBB, we are well-versed in the industry’s best practices for flat roofing installation and repair. When you choose us as your roofing partner, we will back your investment with the workmanship as well as the manufacturer’s warranty.


If you have any queries regarding rubber roofing system installation or repair, feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to help you with a free assessment of your building and answer any questions you may have about our products, services, and warranties.

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Warrantied Roof Repairs

We offer quick and reliable EPDM roof repairs and other roofing services for commercial and residential properties.

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