Enhance Your Property's Curb Appeal with Cedar Shake Siding in Foothills

People often believe that cedar is only used for construction purposes. A lot of homeowners choose cedar for the construction of closets, home doors, or kitchen furniture. In fact, it is one of the first choices for this kind of construction work. But only a few people are aware that cedarwood is also an excellent choice for exterior siding. Cedar shake siding is one of the most reliable and durable siding materials available in the Foothills market. When you choose cedar shake siding for the exterior of your house, it not only helps in enhancing the curb appeal but also helps in soundproofing the house. Flat Roofing Ltd offers cedar shake siding in Alberta for sturdy protection, excellent insulation, and durability.


Our roofing experts provide you with the best possible cedar shake siding services in Alberta. We have the required skills and equipment to safeguard your property against any potential damage.

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What Makes Cedar Shake Siding the Better Choice?

Though cedar shake sidings are a bit costly than other synthetic sidings, it offers a rich texture to the exterior of your house. In addition to creating a beautiful exterior, when appropriately installed, shake siding can last for years. An experienced roofing contractor can install cedar sidings in such a way that they can withstand harsh storms and winds.

Cedar shake siding comes with a weather-resistant and fire-resistant coating. These coatings help in making the cedar sidings a suitable option for your house. For protection against rain, the cedar shake sidings come with a water-repellent coating.


Moreover, if you are looking for an insulating solution, cedar shake siding can be a great choice. The cedar wood helps keep your house's interior cool in warm summer months as it absorbs very little heat. Simultaneously, the absorbed heat will keep interiors warm in chilling winters. We can help you give your home a style with cedar shake siding in Alberta.

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Cedar Sidings for Beautiful Exteriors

Cedar sidings not only offer added protection to your roof but also beautify the exteriors of your house.