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Cedar Shake Repair and Maintenance for a Longer Roof Life in Foothills

Does your house have a cedar roof? Then you would know how expensive it is. To ensure it lasts longer, you must pay attention to cedar shake repair and maintenance. A lot of building owners overlook minor damages to the roof which result in severe damages later. Improperly installed shake, cracked shake or shake missing side overlap may cause issues later. Minor leaking or curling in the cedar shake roof must be taken care of immediately to avoid a cedar roof replacement. Regular maintenance and repair services help to keep your house safe in harsh weather conditions. Improper exposure, missing flashing and leaks can make your cedar roof look deteriorated. Flat Roofing Ltd provides you with skilled roofers to take care of your cedar shake roofing in Foothills and across Alberta. With timely cedar roof repairs, you can extend the life of your cedar roof by many years.

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We Know the Job

Though there are several benefits of using cedar shakes in roofing, one of the most important things to consider is maintenance. Cedar shakes roofing requires periodic maintenance. To extend the life of the roof regular removal of tree debris, and trimming of excessive overhanging trees is necessary. If these roofs are not cleaned regularly, moss or mould might build up on the surface which will slow down the roof’s ability to shed water. Eventually, the shakes might rot much sooner than expected. Our experts can carry out roof repairs with utmost care and perfection.

Installing shakes is a tricky job and only an experienced roofer can help you with a neat job. When laying shakes, it is important to notice that there is no underlayment. Instead, cedar shakes require interlayment. We offer shakes in the following sizes:

7.5 inch vs 10-inch exposure to the weather

18 inch vs 24-inch shakes

24 inch or 18 inch

Our cedar shakes are available in the following sizes:

¾ inch heavy

5/8 inch tapersawn

1/2 inch medium

Whether you need cedar roof maintenance, repair, or cedar roof cleaning in Alberta, Flat Roofing Ltd is the obvious choice. We have an experienced team of roofers who have been taking care of cedar roofs for years. We are a local company that understands the needs of property owners in the area and offers appropriate solutions. Our cedar roof maintenance services are focused on preserving the gorgeous, natural look of your cedar roof while warding off any serious issues. If you need to schedule a maintenance service with us, give us a call. We are also available to provide you with an estimate for your cedar roof installation. The estimate will include the number of bundles to be used in starter field shakes and ridge caps.

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Your Secure Roof Is a Call Away

Regular maintenance of your roof keeps it strong and sturdy for longer years.

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