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Professional Roofers for Complete Cedar Shake Inspection in Foothills

Flat Roofing Ltd believes in having a full cedar roof inspection to maintain a strong cedar roof for a long time. When we visit your property for a cedar shake inspection in Foothills, we do a thorough assessment of the roof to reveal any potential problems that you need to be aware of in the future.


Our team looks for a number of things during the inspection to avoid any potential threat to your roof. We proactively look for any evidence of wind or hail damage, animal damage or infestation. Our roofers also inspect the quality of initial materials and installation. Other related issues like clogged gutters, overhanging trees, and inferior quality roof flashings can also cause roof damage. We will leave no stone unturned in providing you with the best possible maintenance services in Alberta. We do not believe in frequent roof replacement. Thus, before suggesting re-roofing, we will try to find a way to repair your cedar roof.

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Helping You Maintain Your Cedar Roof

When you contact us for your cedar shake inspection, we send in one of our skilled and experienced roofers to inspect your roof thoroughly. Our roofers believe in effective communication so that we can find an appropriate solution for your needs. When we visit your property for cedar shake inspection, we look for any initial installation defects, issues with felt paper installation and overlap, and proper installation of vents, flashings and skylights among various other factors.

After inspecting the installation of your cedar roof, we inspect the roof for any wear and tear issues such as curled, cracked, exposed, or rotten shakes. Sometimes, the deposition of excess moss or debris on the roof can lead to rotting. We clean the build-up so that your roof lasts longer.


After the inspection, if our roofers find that all you need is roof restoration, we will help you save thousands of dollars by providing you with roof restoration service. Flat Roofing Ltd will restore the original elegance and beauty of your cedar roof at a reasonable cost. When you hire us for your cedar roof inspection, leave all the worries to us.

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Preventive Roof Maintenance

A thorough inspection of your cedar roof can help in identifying potential threats that can damage your roof.

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