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Roof leak and repair services, provided by trusted professionals


If you have a problem with your roof, we have a solution

20 year warranty on both materials and workmanship on repaired areas

Roof Leaks and Repairs

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Waterproofing Made Easy

Get Your Roof Inspected

Are you seeking a professional roofing company to handle your roofing needs in Alberta? If yes, your search ends here. Flat Roofing Ltd provides commercial and residential roofing services including waterproofing, full inspections, high rise buildings, roofing property management collaboration, installations, repairs and maintenance of flat roofs, sloped roofs, and cedar shingles in Calgary, Foothills and throughout Alberta. Flat roofs Our roofers are trained in all types of flat and sloped roofing. They can also tie your flat roofs to any adjoining sloped roof with ease.


The roofers at Flat Roofing Ltd understand the costs incurred in re-roofing and we ensure that you do not have to go through that process if your roof can be restored. We won’t just sell you a new roof – we will fix the problem. We do a thorough inspection of your roof to determine what you have. Our inspection includes the inspection of the interior of your house, attic, or cavity. We also inspect vapour barriers or installations to look for any possible leakage issues. Contact us today to schedule an assessment from Calgary’s trusted roofing contractors. 

Flat Roofing Services in Calgary and Across Alberta

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Roofing Repair and Installation Solutions

Flat Roofing Ltd. is the premier choice for servicing flat roofs and sloped tie-in roofs in the Calgary area and offer quality repairs and services. Our staff has decades of experience providing roofing services in Calgary and surrounding areas. This means that apart from providing superior services we can also help you understand the problems and process better. Many roofers skip the steps and products required in the process of proper roofing but we ensure to follow all steps in proper sequence. This helps to achieve proper performance and longevity for your roof.

When it comes to roofing, our skilled roofers can install and repair both flat roofs and low-slope roofs. We spend considerable time analyzing your roof and factors that affect it, including weather conditions like wind or hail damage, to provide a durable solution. If you need a reliable local roofing contractor in Calgary, Alberta, we are the obvious choice. We offer the following services:

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Calgary's Local Flat Roofing Contractors 

We can make a difference to your roof by offering some prestigious features such as waterproofing and weatherproofing. Water collection, hail and high-speed winds often create havoc and damage roofs in Alberta and an effective way of preventing that is by strengthening your roofs using our quality solutions. When the roof is flat, there is a possibility that water might collect on the roof and seep into the roofing creating a mess. The team at Flat Roofing Ltd understands the risks of leaks and water pooling and provides inspections for possible leaks and expert repair solutions.


A properly installed, high-quality flat roof keeps your house protected against damage due to heavy winds, hail damage, downpours and heavy snowfalls for decades. Specializing in two-ply torch-on membrane roofing, we guarantee our roofs to be water-tight and long-lasting.

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Why Flat Roofing?

Flat roofing also offers unique benefits to residential and commercial properties in Calgary and throughout Alberta. Some of these benefits are:

Cost-effective approach

Installation of flat roofs does not require as much time and material as in sloped or tiled roofs. Moreover, the installation is easier as compared to other roofing systems and thus the installation cost is lower.

An ideal approach for solar panels

It is better to install solar panels on a flat roof as it offers an ample amount of space. You can also provide the optimum tilt angle for the proper functioning of the panels regardless of which direction your home faces.

A good option for a rooftop garden

As compared to sloped roofs, where the possibility of a roof garden is negligible, flat roofs offer great space for get-togethers and parties.


Why Choose Us?

Through our bonded and licensed staff, we aim to provide you with the best roofing experience in the Calgary area. We also offer liability insurance on our services. With a focus on providing you with solutions, we work on fixing problems rather than on selling you new roofs. You can trust our local roofing company for expert roof repairs, roofing installations and maintenance services. Our roofers are trained to install flat roofs as well as low-sloped roofs. We can also do a combination of both as per your requirement. We also offer a 5-year warranty on our roofing services and up to 20-year warranty on flat and sloped roofs we install. Call us today for your free roof assessment. We look forward to working with you and providing you with a superior flat roofing system for your property.

Professional Affiliations

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Get Professional Flat Roofing Services in Calgary

Flat Roofing Ltd provides expert flat roofing repairs and installations in Calgary and throughout Alberta for businesses and homes. 

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